The “Conscious Rice” Experiment

The rice... it's ALIVE!

The rice… it’s ALIVE![1]

Didn’t your mother always say not to speak to rice that way? No? Good me neither. But if she did the conscious rice experiment would be the reason why.

And what is the “Conscious Rice” experiment exactly?

With this experiment rice can(apparently) react to your emotions, words, prayers, or any other form of communication/expression.

In short, this experiment involves boiling rice, putting the rice into two separate containers. Then, every day for one month(or so long as you chose) saying “I love you.” to one container of cooked rice and saying “I hate you.” to the other container(or any positive/negative words, music, pictures, you choose).

From there you observe the changes of both of the containers.

Now what should happen is the “negative” container should should become moldy and gross while the “positive” container should remain in perfect condition. We shall see! I’ll be documenting my progress day by day to see if this is for real. Here’s #1!

Day 1:


Apposed to doing daily postings, I’ll simply update this blog when noteworthy changes arise.

This concept was inspired from Masaru Emoto. This guy observed human consciousness(positive/negative stuff) affects how water freezes. You can find out more about Mr. Emoto here.

Here are some other videos with people trying it themselves!


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