Give from the Heart, not the Store(Re-craft)

Malls are over-crowded, roads are filled to the brim, your friends and family are acting especially suspicious, and you haven’t even begun to think of what to give. The gift giving season can be a rough time, filled with stresses and strains to make mind race. But why do some feel this way? Why are days such as Christmas, Valentine’s day, or even Father’s or Mother’s day filled with so much tension? There can be many benefits to giving gifts and tokens of appreciation but there are definitely negative impacts when it comes to gift giving. Self-induced pressure is can be a real inner-peace killer, and contributes to negative side of the overall positive gift sharing holidays.

Holidays are fun! But self caused stress isn’t. It is always great to enjoy the holidays in whatever way you choose, be it a trip to the movie theater, a road trip, or time with family. However when comes to finding the perfect gift, people can overwork themselves. When it comes to parents in the United States, many felt as though it was their duty to make it as enjoyable as possible for their family[1], adding stress to what should be simple and fun time off. Parents aren’t the only ones effected either, in general, people during the holiday season are reported to have a 38% increase in stress during the holiday season, while only 8% feel a decrease. Out of this, approximately 48% of all people feel as though they cannot let themselves relax during the holiday season. Many feel stress during the holiday season because a lack of time, staying on a diet, pressure of giving gifts, and an assortment of other factors[1]. People induce their own stress during what should be a time of joy and celebration!

Self-induced stress can be a real stinker on the holiday season, adding unnecessary tension to what should be a time of relaxation and celebration. Some feel as though it’s their obligation to make things as “prefect” as they can, others may feel like they can’t find the one gift to express their gratitude towards another, and some simply don’t care at all. Holidays are something to be happy about, not something to pile on the stress-train, why isn’t the simple works of “I love you.” enough? Remember to take time to smell the roses, and to give as you please when it means something special, to both you and those you care for.

Just a little thing…

Apologies for only the single use of an outdated(2006) site. It’s pretty hard to find up-to-date material on such a topic. Anyways thanks for you leniency when it came to this, I’m full prepared to “reap what I sowed” when it comes to handing in on-time, quality and what not for the course and the culminating! 🙂


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