The “Conscious Rice” Experiment

The rice... it's ALIVE!

The rice… it’s ALIVE![1]

Didn’t your mother always say not to speak to rice that way? No? Good me neither. But if she did the conscious rice experiment would be the reason why.

And what is the “Conscious Rice” experiment exactly?

With this experiment rice can(apparently) react to your emotions, words, prayers, or any other form of communication/expression.

In short, this experiment involves boiling rice, putting the rice into two separate containers. Then, every day for one month(or so long as you chose) saying “I love you.” to one container of cooked rice and saying “I hate you.” to the other container(or any positive/negative words, music, pictures, you choose).

From there you observe the changes of both of the containers.

Now what should happen is the “negative” container should should become moldy and gross while the “positive” container should remain in perfect condition. We shall see! I’ll be documenting my progress day by day to see if this is for real. Here’s #1!

Day 1:


Apposed to doing daily postings, I’ll simply update this blog when noteworthy changes arise.

This concept was inspired from Masaru Emoto. This guy observed human consciousness(positive/negative stuff) affects how water freezes. You can find out more about Mr. Emoto here.

Here are some other videos with people trying it themselves!


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Introducing Official English Class Badges!

Say hello to some hot-off-the-hard-drive badges for Mr. Puley’s class!

Shakespear badge 9 blur     Shakespear badge 10 blur     Shakespear badge 11 blur     Shakespear badge 12 blur     Shakespear badge 12+1 blur

These are what I hope to be badges for completing the grade 9, 10, 11, 12, and 13(victory lap) English curriculum!

I originally wanted to create some badges during the beginning of the year though I had no idea of what to make the badges for(plus my skills on Gimp, a free image editing software were rather rusty).

The the thought behind these were medals, signifying the completion of the course. So, as you go further it’s like getting 3rd, 2nd, 1st place, etc… Improving with each grade!

Shakespeare came into mind simply because his work was such a large focus on our course with the play Romeo and Juliet with the other class’ study on Macbeth Shakespeare was the obvious choice for the design of the medal or badge.

English Thoughts

This image made after our teacher Mr. Puley asked our class “what defines English?” near the beginning of the year. As you can see, along with a few other points Shakespeare dominated the board(bigger words = more votes).   [1]

So what do ya think? I’ll probably be creating more badges in the future. If you have any ideas for badge that you don’t want to run with I’ll be happy to create a design(sharing the credit, of course). Hasta la vista!


[1] Puley, Aaron. Mind Map Thought Bubble. 2015. Web. 3 June 2015.

Noun Nuking: Turn Conversations into Incoherent Fun!

Noun Nuking

That’s right, it’s time for some noun nuking. A little activity where you craft ordinary talking into a babbling mess!

It’s quite easy to do, simply make an ordinary conversation and replace all the nouns with any word of your choice and paste it below! Take this for an example.


Jeremy: Hey Mr. Puley! How are you today?

Mr. Puley: Hey Jeremy! I’m doing fine.

Jeremy: Did you happen to do anything interesting this weekend?

Mr. Puley: I had a great time on Saturday with my dog, we went to the harbour and swam!

Jeremy: That’s sounds like great fun! Did you happen to peer edit my blogger of the week over the weekend?

Mr. Puley: I sure did! And it was the most beautiful thing I’ve ever taken the time to read! Honestly. I spent many hours marveling at its pure beauty.

Jeremy: Thanks Mr. Puley! I’m going to the cafeteria for lunch, I’ll talk to you later!

Mr. Puley: See you in class Jeremy!


From here copy paste what you wrote below and replace all the nouns with a word of your choice. For instance, dingus.


Dingus: Hey Dingus! How are you dingus?

Dingus: Hi there Dingus! I’m doing fine.

Dingus: Did you happen to do anything interesting this dingus?

Dingus: I had a great time on Dingus with my dingus, we went to the dingus and swam!

Dingus: That’s sounds like great dingus! Did you happen to peer edit my dingus over the dingus?

Dingus: I sure did! And it was the most beautiful thing I’ve ever taken the time to read! Honestly. I spent many dingus marveling at its pure dingus.

Dingus: Thanks Dingus! I’m going to the dingus for dingus, I’ll talk to you later!

Dingus: See you in dingus Dingus!


As you can see, the results are quite magical.

Post your original conversations in the comments or post them on your blog! I’ll be happy to chuckle at your incomprehensible discussions!

If you’re stumped thinking of a noun you’d like to use, this link here should give you some good ideas. Happy crafting!




It’s Time to Visualize! #1 – Ezio’s Family



Indeed! It is time to get your imagination working!

The goal of this is to relax your mind and also expand your creative thinking!

Instructions are simple: Turn on your audio(headphones preferably but not necessary) and relax. Then focus(eyes closed, or not) on the music provided and begin to visualize a story or scene from the music playing. Easy!

After your finished listening, you can read my visualization of the song below the video. Comment below your visualization  from the song, I’d love to read(and imagine) what you came up with! If you don’t want to type too much you can always comment the first word that came to mind with the song, either or!

So what did you imagine? Could you feel the power of the song? I certainly could.

To sum up, this song definitely felt like a journey. Set in a place similar to that of the movie “Tales From Earthsea” if you’re familiar(Haven’t heard of it? Here’s an image to interpret). This really made me visualize “the creation of a legend” or something of that sort. Like I said before, there’s a lot of power building throughout. Near the ending parts of the performance I can really picture some sort of epic fight on the grandest scale. And as you could imagine, the legend of this tale is victorious(without breaking a sweat). After this “climax” I imagine this hero to continue journeying along further with the most picturesque scenes in the background  and most dramatic of camera angles. Just like a movie trailer!

I tried to be as vivid as possible when describing what I envisioned, I realized over-describing can really butcher the emotion of the song.

With this in mind, what did you imagine? Was it anything similar to what I described? How was it different? I invite you to listen again to really get sharp images in your mind!


Meditation Exercise #1


I felt I need some original blog posts, and this popped into my head!

The goal of these little tidbits are to provide in descriptive and vivid scenes(following no particular structure) that are meant to relax and stretch one’s imagination. The more visualization the better! Anyways, now to the story! read or listen to your heart’s content!

Of course I’ll be providing the(unrefined) audio for this exercise! If your listening to the audio, I recommend closing your eyes, relaxing, and listening.

Apologies for the annoying static in the background, my iPad doesn’t really record the best audio…. I’ll try to improve my audio recordings with some better tech in the future. I’ll be sure to guide the end by a little breathing to to end off the recording next time.