Give From The Heart, Not The Store.

Malls are over-crowded, roads are filled to the brim, your friends and family are acting especially suspicious, and you haven’t even begun to think of what to give. The gift giving season can be a rough time, filled with stresses and strains to make mind race. But why do some feel this way? Why are days such as Christmas, Valentine’s day, or even Father’s or Mother’s day filled with so much tension? Why is the act of giving so stressful? With these questions in mind, I will delve into the problems with gift giving, and what I feel should be done.

Stop giving gifts.

Yep, just stop giving gifts. More specifically, stop giving gifts on holidays.

Am I saying stop celebrating holidays or giving gifts in general? No, not at all. All that I’m trying to communicate is that give gifts all you want but never feel pressured to give something to someone simply because it’s Christmas, Valentine’s day, or any holiday. Don’t let the gift you gave them show your appreciation of another, let your act of getting it and thinking of them represent your feelings of them. How does one show their love/appreciation to another? By showing them, be it a letter, something crafted by hand, or a poem, these are all ways to show that you care about them and that’s a truly wonderful thing. So why do so many have stresses about the gift giving holidays?

I feel It’s because we have holidays.

For example, you forgot it was your friend’s birthday and you’re wanting to get them a gift, but oh fiddle sticks you have no idea what to get them. So you go to the nearest dollar store and get them a card, sign it and throw a 20 dollar bill into it, done. You give it to them and they say thanks. Well, made it until next year right? In this scenario, the act of giving a token of appreciation has become business more than anything.

I find many people show their appreciation through material things, an iPhone, candy, clothing, and especially money. These things really can show your gratitude to another but when you get someone a gift for the sake of it being Christmas, for the sake of being your friend’s birthday, for the sake of someone’s graduation, where’s the emotion? Don’t you think saying “I’m proud of you” or “I think you’re a great person” or even the daring “I love you” is enough of a gift?

How does it feel when someone takes the moment to honestly say this to you?

It’s the pressure of getting someone a gift on holidays, to prove that your care. That’s what I mean when I say people stress because we have holidays. I feel that you should be able to give a gift whenever you feel like it, not give gifts on days everyone just agreed upon, to give as you please when it means something special.